Las Vegas, Nevada Relocation Guide

Tucked away in a sandy desert, you'll find the exciting city of Las Vegas. This city is located in the beautiful state of Nevada and is bold, bright, and busy. Las Vegas is exceptional, whether day or night, the city is a spectacular treat. Las Vegas is a vibrant, busy city that is known worldwide for its exceptional gambling, dining, and shopping.

Las Vegas is most known for its iconic Vegas strip. It offers impressive big-city perks to its residents. It is a city that always has something going on. Las Vegas has a dynamic food scene and many free attractions that are great for families and individuals. Living in Las Vegas gives you access to world-class food and first-class entertainment. There is always something exciting in Las Vegas, making it a great city to relocate to. 

Las Vegas is an excellent place to relocate to. It has an abundance of opportunities whether you're looking for better employment, fine dining, adult entertainment, or family-friendly events, Las Vegas has it. It has great school districts, excellent outdoor adventures, and so much more. The city has many fields, parks, playgrounds, and entertainment venues.

Along with that, Las Vegas is home to some outstanding landscapes and rocky terrains. It is near numerous state parks. Some incredible outdoor places for hiking, cycling, rock climbing, and exploring after moving to Las Vegas are:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Lake Mead
  • Yosemite
  • Valley of Fire

Grand Canyon Las Vegas NV

Relocation to Las Vegas

Depending on where you're currently residing, this might be a massive relocation for you. Las Vegas can seem a bit intimidating, or maybe you just don't know where to begin! This relocation guide covers everything you need to know about relocating to Las Vegas. Living in Las Vegas is exciting, vibrant, and entertaining. There is a lot to do with many big-city perks in your backyard. 

Things To Consider

Relocating anywhere requires some intentional consideration. You want to make sure that your relocation is the best choice and that your new location has everything you require and want. Below is a  small list of essential factors to think about when you're considering moving to Las Vegas.

Things To Consider When Relocating To Las Vegas:

  • The neighborhood you’re relocating to
  • How far from your home are amenities located
  • The weather
  • What school district is nearby
  • Entertainment opportunities
  • How busy is the community
  • Healthcare
  • Employment opportunities

Important To Note About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is commonly known for its party vibe. It has many casinos and clubs and radiates good time energy. However, it is also an incredible city for peace and solitude. It is set amongst incredible scenery and is home to many beautiful churches. Las Vegas has a diverse population and a solid connection to culture. You'll find many cultural monuments throughout the city along with peaceful parks and excellent walking trails. When you're considering relocation to Las Vegas, it's important to note that Las Vegas has a lot to offer everyone. 

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Quick Facts About Las Vegas

Depending on where you currently reside, relocating to Las Vegas might be a huge task. However, while there are many things to consider, there are also some really awesome things about Las Vegas to note. 

  • Las Vegas has a minimal amount of natural disasters. Relocating there means you’re safe from hurricanes, tornados, and blizzards. The city does get windy, but that’s the extent of the harsh weather.
  • Las Vegas has fantastic restaurants. There are all different styles serving all different kinds of food. So if you are a foodie, then Las Vegas is for you!
  • Las Vegas has outstanding outdoor adventures. It is best known for its stunning casinos and famous Strip, with notable natural landmarks and scenery. So get ready to explore hiking, cycling, rock climbing, and more in Vegas.
  • The busy city has excellent transportation options. This is important for people who like to move around, travel, sightsee, etc. Las Vegas has a bus and rail system and several taxies and ride-sharing companies.
  • There is ALWAYS something to do in Las Vegas. No matter what type of entertainment or fun you’re looking for, Vegas has it.
  • Relocating to Las Vegas makes your home an exciting place to visit! Get your guest room ready because your friends and family are going to love visiting you. 
  • Las Vegas has fantastic weather. It doesn't ever snow, and it's usually hot. In addition, Las Vegas is super sunny, which is massively impactful on overall health and wellbeing.
  • Las Vegas is an actual city. It is more than its casinos, resorts, and hotels. All the other parts of cities also exist there, and they're great. Las Vegas is a great city for families, offers many recreation opportunities, has many beautiful neighborhoods and great public transportation. It has many vibrant economic sectors and job opportunities! While it's known for being a party city, it should be noted that it's a great city to relocate to and sustain life. It is fully equipped with everything and then some!

Las Vegas Hotel

The Weather in Las Vegas

The weather in Las Vegas is mild. Temperatures typically range from 37 Fahrenheit to 104 Fahrenheit throughout the year. January and February typically bring a lot of overcasts with rain. The month of May is usually very dry, and July through August is normally very muggy. September and October are usually hot and clear, and the year ends by cooling down. Las Vegas is a routinely sunny city. 

Agriculture in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a booming agriculture industry. Many local farms provide casinos, restaurants, and stores with local meat and produce. A few crops that grow in Las Vegas are squash, corn, and cucumbers. Because Las Vegas has a bold and busy agriculture industry, it also provides residents with employment, career opportunities, and potential. 

Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

When relocating to Las Vegas, it's important to make sure you choose the right neighborhood. While Las Vegas is a busy, vibrant, bustling city, it offers beautiful, peaceful communities. In addition, Las Vegas has fantastic schools, great family entertainment, and a lot of outdoor recreation to explore. So when choosing a neighborhood to relocate to, remember a few essential things. 

  • The cost of living.
  • The price range of the community.
  • The proximity to local amenities.
  • School districts.
  • Nearby employment opportunities.


Summerlin is a beautiful neighborhood to consider if you're moving to Las Vegas. It is an incredible community with many meticulously maintained public parks, hiking trails, and diverse housing. In addition, the community of Summerlin is nearby entertainment facilities and has some of the most beautiful luxury real estate Las Vegas offers.

Skye Canyon

Skye Canyon is a less extensive neighborhood than Summerlin but has a cozy, comforting, small community feel. The neighborhood can be found in the northwest part of Las Vegas. It offers its community members stunning scenery. It encompasses mountainous views and a sandy desert. Skye Canyon is a community that has community-led events and celebrations.

Rhodes Ranch

Rhodes Ranch is a guard-gated community in Las Vegas. It is home to one of the largest water parks in Las Vegas and has beautiful floral landscaping throughout the neighborhood. Rhodes Ranch is one of the best places to live in Las Vegas. The Rhodes Ranch neighborhood has several walking paths accompanying a beautiful golf course.

Las Vegas Neighborhood


Aliante is a vibrant community in Las Vegas. It is fully equipped with everything a family needs. The community has a golf course, amphitheater, city parks, soccer fields, and stunning lake views. 

Southern Highlands

The gorgeous community of Southern Highlands is one not to miss. You can find it only ten minutes from The Strip. Southern Highlands has excellent public and private schools and excellent hiking trails, and exciting outdoor adventures.

Best Schools in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some excellent schools. It has a broad selection of both private and public schools. 

Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas

The Coral Academy of Science in Las Vegas is an excellent school for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It offers many extra programs, accelerated academics, inclusive and enriching learning environments, and more. 

Billy and Rosemary Vassiliadis

The Billy and Rosemary Vassiliadis is an exciting school. It has many community connections and offers a vast number of extracurricular activities. It houses students from pre-Kindergarten to grade 5. 

Judy and John L Goolsby Elementary School

Judy and John L Goolsby Elementary School features a competitive and rigorous academic curriculum. It is home to many programs supporting children's learning journeys in art, Music, Stem, and more. Judy and John L Goolsby Elementary school has an actively involved student council and counselors on staff to support students.

Las Vegas School Children

Linda Rankin Givens Elementary School

Linda Rankin Givens Elementary School is a vibrant school. The educators are committed to a diverse cultural experience and maintain high learning standards. Linda Rankin Givens Elementary School is an exceptional school.

Employment Opportunities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a diverse economy. As a result, it provides many exciting employment opportunities. The hospitality industry is the most dominant employer. However, Las Vegas has an abundance of employment in other sectors. For example, residents of Las Vegas often find employment in the food and accommodations industry and the retail industry.

Attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas offers many exciting, exhilarating, and adventurous indoor and outdoor opportunities. Though Las Vegas is mainly known for The Strip, you'd be surprised how many other incredible attractions there are to explore. 

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Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

When relocating to Las Vegas, you're likely not to visit the tourist attractions every day, but it's good to know what is available anyway. Tourist attractions can significantly impact real estate value, economy, employment opportunities, and much more. 

The Strip

The Strip is what Las Vegas is best known for. It is a section of the city approximately 2.5 miles long in central Las Vegas. It is stitched together with exciting entertainment plazas, huge luxurious hotels, fine dining, and incredible shopping. Add some sparkling neon lights, glittering signs, and you have yourself The Strip. It's a great area to visit, even for locals! 

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a stunning outdoor area. It features stunning red sandstone peaks and panoramic views from every angle. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is only 15 miles West of Las Vegas. 

The High Roller

The High Roller in Las Vegas is one of the most oversized Ferris wheels globally. It stands 550 feet tall and is located right on The Strip in Las Vegas. The High Roller offers riders incredible views and photo opportunities.

The Fountains of Bellagio

The fountains of Bellagio provide great entertainment. They give viewers a choreographed aquatic show fully equipped with lights and music.

Las Vegas Downtown

Unique Family Activities in Las Vegas

If you're considering moving to Las Vegas and you have or are planning for a family, then you should know that the city offers families a lot of great entertainment as well. 

View a mermaid show.

The Silverton Hotel Aquarium hosts incredible mermaid shows that are free to watch. The mermaids are beautiful and can often be seen interacting with guests. 

Visit Tule Spring Fossil Beds National Movement

The Tule Spring Fossil Beds National Movement is a unique outdoor landmark. It is a reasonably new area with plenty to explore.

Entertainment in LV

It isn't hard to find entertainment in Las Vegas, no matter what you're into! Las Vegas has many entertainment venues and opportunities. Upon relocating to Las Vegas, you can enjoy many resident shows, Cirque du Soleil, magic shows, stand-up comedy, hypnotists, Broadway musicals, and more. Las Vegas can be a very glamorous location and is lined with lights, glitz, and sparkle. There are many fantastic entertainment options.

Sports in Las Vegas

In recent years, Las Vegas has become a sports hub! The casino-known city is home to several professional sports teams and hosts many exciting sporting events. So whether you're an athlete or a spectator, Las Vegas has excellent teams and events for its' fans to cheer on!

NFL - Las Vegas Raiders

Three-time Superbowl champions, the Las Vegas Raiders, play at the Allegiant Stadium and provide an exhilarating game experience. The Las Vegas Raiders are a part of the National Football League.

NHL - Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights play in the National Hockey League. They are well known for being an excellent team. The team has made the Stanley Cup playoffs for all four years of playing and won it in 2018. 

UFC and Boxing

Las Vegas has countless bars, clubs, and sports complexes. They often host boxing matches and UFC events. If the match isn’t live, in-person, many businesses stream it and create an event surrounding the match.

Shopping in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some incredible luxury shopping opportunities. Regardless of what you're shopping for, there are many stores to check out. There are many flagship designer stores along with little boutique shops. In addition, Las Vegas has many shopping malls, plazas, and stores to explore. 

Great Shopping Outlets in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Premium Outlets

The Forum Shops

The Grand Canal Shoppes

Dining in Vegas

Las Vegas has a tremendous amount of dining opportunities. Regardless of your diet, food sensitivities, or anything else, Vegas has a restaurant for you. If eating out is an integral part of your lifestyle, dining options are an important factor. Las Vegas has many unique, eccentric, and traditional restaurants. In addition, the city offers a huge directory of eateries of all different kinds. 

  • Steakhouses
  • Elegant/Fine dining 
  • Chinese Food Restaurants
  • Paris-Inspired lounges
  • Sushi stops
  • Family-style restaurants
  • Dinner and a show
  • Comedy clubs

Las Vegas Dining

Notable Restaurants in Las Vegas

Barry's Downtown Prime 

Joel Robuchon

Wing Lei


Healthcare in Las Vegas

Healthcare is another critical factor to think about when relocating. Las Vegas has many hospitals, clinics, and emergency services readily available for its residents. In addition, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services offers many programs to families and individuals who qualify for various levels of medical assistance. 

Nevada also offers the Nevada211 phone line. This phone line connects residents to services they need. For example:

  • General counseling
  • Crisis hotlines and clinics
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Access to psychiatric medications
  • Behavior learning therapy

Las Vegas Healthcare

In Las Vegas, you can also find dentists, massage clinics, physical therapy, and many other health clinics. Las Vegas is an amazing city to relocate to for healthcare.

Transportation in Las Vegas

When considering relocation, transportation is an essential factor to think about. Transportation is what connects society and makes moving throughout the city easy. It connects people with their employment and moves goods to stores. Las Vegas has fantastic transportation. Along with walking, these modes of transportation range in price, time, and frequency.

  • Walking - Remember, the distance on a map might seem walkable, and in reality, it might be more than you bargained for. Walking is an efficient way to get around in Las Vegas, but make sure you know the distance and comfortable shoes.
  • Harry Reid International Airport - The airport in Las Vegas has a great location. It can be found just 2 miles from Las Vegas Boulevard. 
  • Las Vegas Monorail - This rail system offers different fare types depending on the destined location and the frequency of the rider. It is a fast way to see Las Vegas without the traffic. It is a quick way to get around.
  • Bus - The Deuce - Las Vegas Public Transportation - The public bus makes many stops all over Las Vegas.
  • Taxi
  • Rental Cars - There is a large car rental business at the Harry Reid International Airport. Many people use rental cars in Las Vegas.
  • Rideshare 
  • Limousine

Places of Worship

Though Las Vegas is likely best known for its vibrant, glamorous environment, it is also abundant with places of worship. It has many churches, and worshippers can connect with people of different beliefs. Las Vegas has many world-renowned churches, some of which are known for their incredible architecture, others for its rich history. Las Vegas has many old, ancient churches with highly-photographed statues and monuments. In addition, the city has many places of worship to visit and connect with upon relocation.

Quick Tips For A Smooth Relocation To Las Vegas

  1. Understand that Las Vegas is more than The Strip. It has plenty to offer for every person relocating. Las Vegas has sparkling bright lights, busy casinos, informative museums, and famous churches. 
  2. Make sure the clothing you pack fits with Las Vegas’s subtropical hot climate. 
  3. Choose a neighborhood within proximity to your desired amenities. 
  4. Get ready to explore the outdoors! Las Vegas has many outdoor adventures that are exciting, exhilarating, and incredible! 

The Final Word On Moving To Las Vegas

Relocating to Las Vegas can bring a ton of fun and adventure. It has a booming real estate market with a diverse range of housing options. Las Vegas has a diverse job market with many exciting, thriving employment opportunities. Many of these opportunities exist in the hospitality and service industry. Las Vegas has excellent schools, with many receiving awards acknowledging their rigorous and enriching academic curriculum. 


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