Retiring In Las Vegas: Top 5 Reasons To Retire in Sin City [2022]

Suppose Las Vegas has been one of your favorite places to visit over your life, and you’re ready to retire. In that case, you might be considering retiring in such an exciting place. If you’ve never visited and experienced Vegas life, you may want to consider some things before relocating to Las Vegas. 

Ask yourself these questions before considering retirement in Las Vegas: 

  • Can I see myself enjoying living in Vegas?
  • Will I enjoy the year-round weather?
  • How much should I expect to spend on a home?
  • What can Vegas offer that I enjoy?
  • How much is the cost of living in Vegas?
  • How much are taxes in Vegas?

We always recommend spending some time in the city you consider retiring to. Living out your golden years should be where you adore and can experience a lifestyle that you love. While Vegas has stereotypes surrounding it, it offers a lot for those who don’t want to spend time in tourist areas. However, the city attracts a lot of attention. It offers some of the most incredible amenities in the world, so as a Las Vegas resident, you can have some unique experiences and reap the benefits of those amenities. 

Why Retire to Las Vegas 

You may immediately think of California, Florida, or Hawaii when you think about retirement. While those places are all beautiful, Las Vegas has a lot to offer that might be a better fit for someone looking to retire. Once you go beyond the surface of the city’s reputation, you’ll find that there are plenty of perks to retirement in Las Vegas. Here are the top 5 reasons why relocating to Las Vegas makes the most sense for retirees. 

1. There’s so much to do. 


There are two sides to entertainment in Las Vegas. The city is considered the entertainment capital of the world. Live shows, concerts by the world’s biggest artists, restaurants, bars, gambling, shopping, and everything else you could consider are available on the strip. As the destination for shotgun weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and vacations for millions of people each year, Vegas offers some of the best entertainment, dining, and shopping in the world. While you might not be a regular visitor of the stip when you live in Vegas, the option to visit is always there. As for entertainment away from the strip, Vegas offers some world-class golf courses, natural beauty, and a resort lifestyle. If you’ve never been to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation, or Mount Charleston, they’re now all in your backyard. If you find a nice neighborhood in Las Vegas to call home, you can live a peaceful life that doesn’t require the typical Vegas stereotypes. Regardless of your interests and desired lifestyle, you can find things to do during your retirement in Vegas. 


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2. Vegas has a low cost of living.


Compared to other major cities in the country, Vegas has a lower cost of living. Those who are planning their retirement in Las Vegas will have their money go a bit further than other places. Home prices can be affordable, the cost of food and bills is inexpensive, and there are plenty of things to do for little or no money. You’ll find plenty of businesses that offer senior discounts, including public transit, restaurants, and show tickets. With that said, if you want to live a lavish and luxe lifestyle, you can also do that in Las Vegas. There are many luxury estate homes, gated communities, country clubs, and much more if you have a sizeable retirement fund. Regardless of your budget and financial health at the time of retirement, you can find a lifestyle and housing that meets your needs. 

3. 55+ Communities.


You may not think that Vegas would be a retirement hot spot. Still, there are many 55+ retirement communities in the city and surrounding areas that offer a variety of amenities and perks. These communities range from affordable to country clubs, like the Anthem Country Club, Las Vegas. Depending on your budget, you’ll find a number of retirement communities that offer the chance at an active lifestyle with great amenities like pools, medical centers, fitness centers, facilities for education, and planned activities to keep each day exciting. Many communities provide activities that are focused on staying social and active with your neighbors. Suppose you don’t need supportive living just yet. In that case, numerous country clubs allow you to retire golfing and spending time in the sunshine. . 

4. The Weather.


Nevada is home to a semi-arid climate. There’s no snow, light rainfall, and warmth and sunshine most of the time. Summer months can become sweltering, but you likely won’t be far from a pool most of the time. You won’t experience hurricanes, have a low risk of earthquakes, and have minimal risk of tornados. If you love to experience all the seasons and have white Christmas’s, Vegas won’t deliver on that, but if you need a warm and sunny climate for health reasons or just because you love the sunshine, you can count on it in Vegas. The desert climate is a big reason many people choose Vegas as their new home. 

5. There’s no Income Tax.


One of the main reasons anyone relocates to Vegas is its ‘tax friendly’ policies. When you live, work, and retire in Vegas, you don’t have to pay state income tax, which makes financial sense to a lot of people. There’s no income tax on Social Security, pension income, retirement account withdrawals, or inheritances in Nevada, making it especially wonderful for retirees. 

Country Clubs & More

Finding your new Las Vegas home can be a lot of fun. Many incredible communities with country clubs offer the ultimate lifestyle for retirees. 

Country Club Hills Golf Course Homes

Country Club Hills is the ideal place to retire if you’re a golf lover. The Summerlin Country Club Hills Golf Course homes are the ultimate in luxury Las Vegas living. With floorplans that range from 3,100 to 6,000 square feet, you’re sure to find a property that fits your needs. The majority of the homes built in the community are custom builds, created by Christopher Homes in the 90s. Luxury estate homes in the Enclave can boast up to 9,000 square feet. Many homes have a view of the 18-hole course, which is perfect for beginners to seasoned pros. The community has a welcoming atmosphere with an idealistic lifestyle for golf lovers and retirees. 

Red Rock Country Club Golf Course Homes

Constructed between 1999 and 2006, Red Rock Country Club homes were semi-custom-built homes by the prestigious Toll Brothers. These incredible homes are within a beautiful community with a lot to offer, including plenty of natural beauty. Some of the best amenities available among Las Vegas country clubs are in Red Rock. The Country Club has a great location close to Downtown Summerlin Mall. Residents are close to many everyday conveniences, dining, shopping, and considerable entertainment options. There are two Arnold Palmer golf courses located inside the community for golf lovers. One is available for public use, and the other is private. As a member of the private course, the country club features a fitness center, pools, a restaurant, and more. Memberships are available for residents to join. If you’re looking for the best tennis in town, you can find it at the Red Rock Country Club. 

Anthem Country Club, Henderson Nevada

Anthem Country Club has many incredible perks, but one of the best has to be the views of Vegas. Located in Henderson at the base of the Black Mountains, this gated community has just enough elevation for residents to admire the golf courses, Vegas strip, and mountain views. That alone makes Anthem Country Club a must-see when considering relocating to Vegas. 

The ultra-luxe community features a guarded gate with waterfalls, perfectly landscaped walkways, and tree-lined streets. The lush greenery, golf courses, and water make you feel like you’re on a permanent vacation. Anthem Country Club in Henderson, Nevada, is easily the most beautiful golf course community in the valley. 

There are a variety of home sizes and prices offered in the community. You can find homes with 1,600 square feet all the way up to 10,000 square feet. These incredible homes were built by Pulte. 

Some of the amenities offered in the community include some delicious restaurants, the Country Club, golfing, tennis courts, spa services, pools, basketball courts, and a brand new fitness center. A membership with the country club can either be a social membership or a golf membership. If you like to explore and get out of the community, there’s plenty for you as well. With mountains in your backyard, hiking is a common activity. The community has easy access to the Sloan Conservation area. You can easily go for a nice walk or jog in the community. 

Anthem has one of the lower HOA fees at around $200 per month, even with all these perks. 

Regardless of where you are considering retirement, Las Vegas, Nevada is so much more than casinos and flashing lights. The city is filled with charming and quiet neighborhoods which allow for all the excitement or peace one is seeking. 




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