Reasons To Move To Henderson

If you and your family have been thinking about moving home, you have plenty of big decisions ahead of you. Where will you move to? What if you make the wrong choice? What kind of real estate agent should you choose?

One popular real estate location is Henderson, Nevada. If you’ve thought about moving to Henderson NV, you likely have questions. What are the best neighborhoods in Henderson NV? What are the best schools in Henderson NV? Are there things to do in Henderson NV?

Let’s discuss 25 reasons why you should move to Henderson NV. 

Where is Henderson NV?

Located only 16 miles away from the Las Vegas strip, Henderson, Nevada is a varied and interesting place to live. If you love excitement and activity, there’s plenty of opportunities to have fun in Henderson. 

Henderson is built in the middle of the desert, but it’s also famous for his green communities and lush vegetation. There’s plenty of local attractions, including restaurants, events, entertainment venues, and even casinos. 

However, it’s also a perfect location for those who love a quiet life. Henderson is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and it can be a peaceful and scenic location. Henderson NV real estate is varied, giving you plenty of exciting options. 

Interestingly, Henderson is also a great place to raise a family. So, moving to Henderson NV is the right choice for many different types of people. 

1. Convenience

Close To Airport

Henderson NV is a hugely convenient location. With the Las Vegas strip nearby, an airport, and plenty of expressways. Moving to Henderson NV gives the convenience of living in a city, without needing to face the bustle and chaos. 

If you don’t want to deal with the Las Vegas chaos, you don’t need to. 

In short, you can live in a beautiful suburb, without dealing with life in a big city - but still get the benefits and convenience of a city.

2. Listed as one of the safest areas in America for families


Safety is a number one concern for many families. Some of the best neighborhoods in Henderson NV are also some of the safest in the area:

  • Green Valley Ranch
  • Anthem 
  • Westgate 
  • Paradise Hills

These areas are all some of the safest and overall best neighborhoods in Henderson NV, and they also boast some of the best schools in Henderson NV. 

Henderson is rated as one of the safest areas in Nevada, and one of the best places to raise a family. 

3. A thriving economy


With all the things to do in Henderson NV, it’s easy to see why the economy is booming. Living in an area which a strong economy means more opportunities, a better standard of living, and an overall excellent area to live. 

Due to its proximity to the Las Vegas strip and its own natural beauty, Henderson is a thriving city that shows no signs of slowing down. This makes it a good investment for the future - you can buy a home there and begin raising a family in full confidence that Henderson will still be a good place to live in a few years’ time.

Also, this makes Henderson a good place to start a business. In fact, Henderson has also been rated as one of the best places to start a business. 

4. One of the best cities for education in Nevada


If you have a family - possibly with small children - one of your top concerns will likely be the quality - and proximity - of the local schools. 

Fortunately, some of the best schools in Henderson NV are located in some of the safest neighborhoods:

  • Westgate
  • Macdonald Ranch
  • Green Valley South
  • Green Vally North
  • Paradise Hills 

Each of these locations has highly-rated public schools. 

5. Beautiful parks and trails

Arrowhead Trail, NV

Henderson is a place of outstanding natural beauty. As you’d expect from a place as beautiful as Henderson, Nevada, there are plenty of parks, hiking trails, and local walks. 

While there’s plenty of exciting activities in Henderson, there are plenty of peaceful activities to enjoy, too - like parks and walks. 

6. Only 4 hours to the ocean


With only a 4-hour drive to the ocean, Henderson is a perfect location for a day trip to the beach. 

7. Green communities


Even though Henderson is set in the desert, the city is very focused on lush greenery. With plenty of spacious, grassy parks, impressive landscaping, and plenty of benches! 

This means that even though Henderson is surrounded by desert, you can still live in a beautiful, green suburb. 

8. Exciting new developments planned


One worry about moving to a new neighborhood is what the area will look like in a few years’ time. Is it worth investing your money into a new home? What can you expect in five years’ time? Will the area look better, worse, or the same? 

However, Henderson has plenty of exciting new projects planned, especially in the downtown area. The point of these developments is to revitalize the community and benefit the city as a whole. 

Real estate photo

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9. Plenty of free events


There are plenty of things to do in Henderson NV, and not all of them cost money! You can expect to find recreation centers, free classes, and much more in Henderson. 

One popular event is Last Friday, a once-monthly festival celebrating the arts, with live music and food. 

10. Many areas of natural beauty

Natural Beauty

Moving to Henderson NV will open up a fantastic world of beautiful scenery, fabulous local walks, and breathtaking views. 

Since Henderson is a suburb, you can enjoy life in a rural, beautiful area, without sacrificing convenience. 

11. Las Vegas!


Las Vegas isn’t for everyone - but it’s less than 15 minutes away! If you love the bright lights and endless activities of Vegas, Henderson offers convenient proximity to the popular destination. 

One benefit of moving to Henderson NV is that you’re close to Las Vegas, without having to live in the Strip itself and deal with hordes of tourists and visitors.

12. A great place to retire


Henderson is one of the best places to retire. With the beautiful location and the impressive array of activities, it’s easy to see why any retiree would love life in Henderson. 

Whether you’re looking to fill your golden years with as much excitement as possible or just looking forward to a life of peace and quiet, Henderson can be the perfect place for you.

13. Fantastic golf courses


Henderson is well known for its excellent golf courses. Perhaps golf isn’t a secret passion of yours, but why not try something new? 

Described as a “golfer’s paradise”, if you do love swinging a club around, you’re going to love Henderson - and its golf courses!

14. No state income tax


Henderson isn’t the cheapest area to live in - but it isn’t the most expensive, either. Aside from its thriving economy, there are other financial benefits to living in Henderson, such as its zero state income tax. 

15. Good climate and warm weather

Warm Climate

One of the most obvious benefits of living in Henderson is its excellent climate. With warm weather all year round and famously mild winters, Henderson offers plenty of sun and warmth. While temperatures may be a little high for some residents, if you love heat and sunshine, Henderson is the place for you. 

16. Mild winters


A side effect of Henderson’s warm climate is that winters are famously mild. If you can’t stand snow and ice, Henderson NV will keep you safe from harsh winters. 

17. Great shopping locations


As you’d expect from a town only a short drive away from the Las Vegas strip, Henderson has plenty of stores, both larger supermarkets and smaller boutiques. Living in a suburb can sometimes be a little tricky when it comes to amenities and other conveniences, but Henderson has plenty of everything. 

18. New and exciting places to eat out


Henderson also boasts plenty of restaurants, ranging from cheap and cheerful family restaurants to more fancy eateries. 

Some top-rated Henderson restaurants (as rated on Tripadvisor) include:

  • Crazy Pita Rotisserie and Grill
  • The Great Greek
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Ventano Italian Grill and Seafood
  • Hank’s Fine Steaks and Martinis

Regardless of what you like to eat, you’ll never wonder about where you should go to eat if you move to Henderson! 

19. Beautiful, luxurious homes


While this reason is listed as number 19, it’s often one of the first considerations a family will face before moving to a new area. So, what can you expect from homes for sale in Henderson NV? 

Henderson NV real estate is impressive and varied. While the cost of living here is slightly higher than the national average, Henderson isn’t out of the reach of the average family. You can be sure that you’re getting the most for your money. 

The comfort of Henderson homes is perfectly offset by the surrounding beauty. 

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20. A place that allows you to work and play hard

Welcome To Vegas

One common downside of moving to a suburb - or any other beautiful area - is that you have to take an either/or approach. For example, you can “either” live in a beautiful, peaceful, safe area, “or” you can live in a convenient, practical location, with plenty of amenities and access to public transport and other necessaries. 

Henderson manages to split the difference. Providing a thriving economy, proximity to Las Vegas, and plenty of business opportunities and activities, Henderson is also safe, family-friendly, and extremely beautiful. 

21. There are new experiences available around every corner


There’s always something new to do in Henderson. Whether you just plan to take up golf, visit Vegas, or adopt a more active, fast-paced lifestyle, there’s something for everyone. 

One thing is clear, however - you’ll never be bored. 

22. Reliable transportation infrastructure


All too often, suburbs keep their residents at a distance from transportation infrastructure. In some suburbs, residents have further to go to commute, simply because they’re nowhere near a highway. Public transport may be practically non-existent, or unreliable at best. 

Once again, Henderson’s proximity to Las Vegas works in its favor. Highways are nearby, and there’s plenty of reliable public transport available. 

23. Greenest city in Nevada


We’ve already touched on Henderson’s areas of natural beauty and green communities, but the city has also been named the greenest city in Nevada. 

Of course, this doesn’t just mean literal greenery - Henderson’s air quality is the highest around. This makes Henderson one of the healthiest places to live. Combined with the variety of activities to do (walking, bicycling, lake activities, swimming, etc), this makes Henderson a great place for physically active families. 

24. Plenty of local wildlife


As well as local wildlife, there’s also plenty of local zoos. For example, the Lion Habitat Ranch is a fantastic family day out for children of all ages. 

The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is another must-see attraction for any ornithology enthusiasts. 

25. Good local healthcare

Good Healthcare

As suburbs go, Henderson is an exceptionally healthy place. An impressive 78% of residents do physical activities in their free time - and Henderson’s bike trails, hikes, and walks all work hard to encourage residents to get out and get active. 

Henderson also has excellent assisted living facilities, and the cost of medical care in Henderson is lower than the national average. 

Is Henderson NV The Right Place For You?


Are you tempted? Perhaps you’re on the cusp of packing up and moving to Henderson right now. However, there are a few crucial points to consider before moving to a new area:

Finding a good real estate agent is the first step to a smooth and reasonably stress-free move. Local experts are best, as they’re familiar with the area and can make sure that you’re getting a home that’s perfect for your family. 

Henderson NV real estate offers plenty of variety - and not all of it will bes suitable for you and your family. A local expert can help you navigate big decisions, as well as helping you to understand what kind of homes for sale in Henderson NV would suit your needs. 

  • View the property several times, if you can. 

Depending on how far you’re moving, multiple visits to the property may not feasible. If you can visit the prospective property several times, however, that can put the property in a completely different light. 

For example, a neighborhood may look completely different in the middle of a sunny day than it will on a dull day in the evening. 

If you can, walk around the neighborhood, and talk to the residents, keeping an eye out for possible red flags. Warning signs can include gangs, vandalism, graffiti, boarded up houses, or unfriendly neighbors. While Henderson is known as a safe city, certain neighborhoods may be less safe than others. 

  • Talk to local law enforcement, and check crime stats for the area online. 

The local police station can give you more information about the area you’re planning to move to. Be aware that online crime stats only refer to the city as a whole, and not particular neighborhoods or areas. 

It’s worth noting that Henderson doesn’t share a police force with Las Vegas. Since they’re two separate areas, Henderson has its own police force, and therefore has faster response times and a lower crime rate. 

  • Seriously consider the needs of your family. 

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to lose sight of your priorities in the excitement of buying a new house. What do you and your family really need? 

For example, suppose you’re a family with only one car. How will the kids get to school? Which school will they attend? How will your partner or spouse get to work? What about the weekly shopping trip? 

No doubt your family has unique circumstances and needs to consider. The point is to decide on what you really need, before you shop for a new home. Henderson is a fantastic place to live - but is it right for you?

  • Make a Pros and Cons list. 

Any big decision - like moving home, or moving to a new area - will come with its own pros and cons. So, the best thing for you and your family to do is to sit down and come up with a comprehensive list of pros and cons. 

For example, suppose you’re an active family that loves walking, hiking, and bicycling. In that case, a place like Henderson would be perfect for you. 

The Bottom Line


Choosing where to live is a big decision. Some people may be put off by Henderson’s proximity to Las Vegas, but that shouldn’t be a problem. 

Las Vegas is far enough away from Henderson not to bother a quiet, peace-loving family - but it’s not so far away if residents want to visit. 

The bottom line is, Henderson is a beautiful place to live. It’s got plenty of variety, and something for everyone. Once again, living in Henderson will never leave you bored!



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