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If you’re thinking of moving to Las Vegas there are lots of great things that come with it. Although the city has a reputation of gambling, casinos, partying and adults only, that's not the case and Las Vegas is so much more than the nightlife persona people have created. Outside of the tourist area of the strip and downtown where all the partying happens, Las Vegas is fast growing with suburban neighborhoods.

With lots of friendly communities and amenities outside of the main strip, it's a very beautiful place to live and raise families. Along with the suburban neighborhoods, Las Vegas has historic downtown areas to explore and so much uniqueness it fits with anyone.

In this article, we will discuss all the things you need to know when you are planning on moving to Las Vegas.

1. Finding A Home In Las Vegas


When looking for your forever home in Las Vegas there are plenty of options for you to choose from, not only from the neighborhoods but from the style of your homes and if you're looking for a home with a historic background. Some of the neighborhoods to choose from when you're thinking of moving to Las Vegas include:


Has little villages within the neighborhood, lots of variety of styles of homes, on the west side of the valley, plenty of hiking trails and parks, a top-selling community.

Skye Canyon

Northwest of the city, surrounded by mountain desert views, a fifteen-acre park is great for meet-ups and the main center of the community's activity. 


Located in North Las Vegas, holds roughly 6500 homes and 20,000 residents, lots of recreational space and activities such as an eighteen-hole golf course, parks, picnic areas, etc.

Rhodes Ranch

Six miles southwest of the strip, lots of landscape scenery and lush walking trails, 35,000 sq ft recreation center with the Fun Zone water park which is one of the largest in Las Vegas.

Mountains Edge

Southwest side of Las Vegas, affordable homes near the I-15, lots of parks and trails, new homes being built

Southern Highlands

Located in Southern Foothills, overlooks the city and is ten minutes from it, a luxurious community, lots of lakes and trails and recreational areas.

Neighborhoods in Las Vegas, NV

Now if you are someone that is looking for a different style of home Las Vegas has plenty to choose from including:

  • Mediterranean
  • Pueblo
  • Ranch Style
  • Tudor

Each of these styles brings different looks into the homes not only from an interior aspect but also exterior, some of them even bring their own culture right into your home with the way they are designed. Another style some people are also very interested in are historical homes with more traditional features instead of the modernized look.

When finding a home it is also very important to do your research on which neighborhood you're moving to, what's around your home and if it is convenient for you, if the neighborhood has a website for residents to keep informed, and what kind of things you need out of your home such as how many bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

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2. Up & Coming Neighborhoods in Las Vegas


Going back to our first point in this article about how finding a home is important, it is also just as important to find the right neighborhood for all your needs when moving to Las Vegas. In our previous point, we went over some of the neighborhoods in the Las Vegas area but we didn’t cover all nor the best of them. Some of the best neighborhoods in Vegas include:

These neighborhoods rank the best because of so many reasons and advantages they have out of any other areas, from home styles to the amenities nearby that aren't only the strip, these are the best neighborhoods in Vegas because of:

  • Beautiful views either the mountains and deserts or lush botanical garden walkways and parks
  • Historic downtown areas that offer residents discounts just for living in the Vegas area
  • So many amenities from recreational centers, waterparks, golf courses, hiking trails and more
  • Being either closer or further to the strip depending on your preference and having that big attraction only minutes away

Golf Course In Las Vegas, NV

Some of the newer and more recent neighborhoods coming to light are just as gorgeous as the others and offer their own amenities to suit their future and current residents’ needs to the fullest. These neighborhoods include:

People are attracted and interested in these areas for a number of different reasons, those reasons include:

Art District:  it is between the Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas, better suited for people that own or want to own a business as they have many storefront/ living spots available. This area is full of art culture, vintage stores, coffee stores and more. Tailored more towards renting rather than owning a home.

Summerlin South:  Continuing to grow, the newest addition to the Summerlin area is Summerlin South, it has a consistent demand for homes in this area along with plenty of amenities for residents to enjoy such as recreational areas, swimming pools, fields, sports areas, golf courses and more. 

Silverado Ranch:  Mainly interested in investors buying land to turn it into rental properties for residents, good neighborhood, amenities include a large shopping mall and Eastern Beltway Center.

Spring Valley:   For younger adults, this is a great area because of the low prices of homes in the area, very affordable and easier to get approved for mortgage loans.

3. Planting Roots In Las Vegas


When settling down and finding the home of your dreams you're probably thinking long-term and really wanting to plant your roots in where you're living. While living in Las Vegas there are so many communities to choose from that will have different things for different people but finding one that suits you and that you could see possibly being forever is important. 

If you are someone that has kids and are looking to raise them in a nice area, the Las Vegas real estate has plenty of areas and homes to pick from to suit most families’ needs. With fantastic neighborhoods and sceneries you can't get anywhere else, it’s quite the place to live, it offers business, culture, history and plenty of amenities for all to enjoy.

Las Vegas is an ever-growing city that is constantly changing, modernizing, and constantly increasing. All of these things are great qualities for people moving to the area because it offers some guarantee of work, housing and activities for all to enjoy. 

With all of these things available it makes it much easier for people to see a long-term future in Las Vegas while raising families or building businesses and careers, it gives people a chance to leave their mark in the city in a positive way.


4. Las Vegas Real Estate

 Buying a home is a huge step in anyone's life but buying a home in Las Vegas is an exciting big step. The home prices in the Las Vegas area have a large range, it depends on what your price range is, what kind of house you’re looking for and where you're looking to live exactly in the Las Vegas area. 

When living in Las Vegas the main knowledge is that the closer you are to the main strip and downtown area the more your home will cost you. The price range of homes in Las Vegas varies again it all has to do with your location, your type of house and what amenities you need within your home. Doing research on homes you're interested in and budgeting for them will be beneficial to you in the long run as to not run into any financial roadblocks. 

Residents in Las Vegas are lucky though to have very low taxes, Nevada is one of the states that does not have a state income tax, however, Las Vegas property tax is a little higher than the rest of the state it is still significantly lower than the national median.

5. Recreational Activities & Amenities 


Not only does Las Vegas have lots of casinos, clubs and other nightlife partying of all sorts, it also has a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy as well. A lot of activities can be found within the neighborhoods that this article has already listed as well as in the downtown area. From the indoors to the outdoors there is a never-ending amount of fun things to do, with a broad culture in art and unique little shops there's something for any person that comes through. Some of the activities you can explore in and around Las Vegas include:

These are only a small portion of all the fun things to do outside but there's even more fun to be had inside the city and in some of their attractions. Some of these fun indoor activities include: 

Some of the amenities of the city include:

With all of these things to do it's almost guaranteed you'll never get bored when living in Las Vegas. Having so much variety at your hands it has something for everyone no matter what their idea of fun may be. Las Vegas covers outdoor exploring fun and exceptional events while also having fun indoor events for people that aren't seeking as much of an adrenaline thrill. 

Lastly, with a never-ending supply of malls, shopping centers, little shops and all sorts of places to buy things, you will always have somewhere to go to find something you may need or want.

Hoover Dam, Nevada

6. The Weather


Las Vegas is a great place if you are not someone who enjoys the cold. If you are moving to the area it is definitely a good idea to invest in an air conditioner as some of the months can be extremely hot while the rest are generally very enjoyable. With no snow and mild winters, it's every person who dislikes cold months dream to live here. There also is not a lot of rain either so the majority of your days will be blue skies and sunshine for the taking.

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7. The Awesome Food


With all of the attractions, hotels, events and more there also is an amazing selection of restaurants to choose from. Whether you want to go all out and have a big feast or just a quick dine, maybe you're looking for nice dessert shops, whatever you decide you will leave satisfied with whatever you choose. Some of these places include:


Quick Bites


With so many options all around it is every foodie's dream to be in Las Vegas let alone living in it. With all the options there's plenty to choose from for different dietary needs, restrictions or if you want to try something totally new.


8. Education


If you are someone moving to the area and you have school-aged children it's important to invest some time into looking at the schools around where you're going to be living. With so many neighborhoods and areas located in and around Las Vegas, there are plenty of schools to pick from. It just depends on your location. Below are some of the schools in some of the neighborhoods we’ve covered in this article.

Summerlin area Schools:

Henderson area Schools:

Southern Highlands Schools:

Lake Las Vegas Schools:

Boulder City Schools:

Kids Going To School

9. Employment


A big point to remember when moving is to have a job set up for when you get there. People move for lots of reasons whether it be wanting new scenery, moving for love, needing a fresh start on life or whatever it may be, a lot of the time people will move for their careers or to start a new one all together. 

When thinking of moving, making sure that you have a job or some sort of employment ready for when you get there is a crucial part in the moving process. You don't want to move and not have an income coming through to support yourself or your new living situation, assuring you have employment should be one of the top priorities on your list.

Thankfully Las Vegas is full of job opportunities for people and with the city constantly growing new employment is popping up all around. Some of the main types of employment you will find when coming to Las Vegas includes:

  • Customer service representatives
  • Aerospace and Defense Careers
  • Business and Financial Services Careers
  • Health Care Careers

There are plenty more jobs to be had in this big city and the ones listed are just a few. Whatever your career choice is, there's sure to be something here for you when you move.

Lastly, there are tons of reasons why you should move to Las Vegas and with this list you now have more knowledge of what to expect when you get here. From the neighborhoods, restaurants, recreational activities and more, you now know what to expect out of entertainment. You also know what to expect for housing, neighborhoods, general cost of a home and schooling.

With all of this information and the points listed in the article you should now have gained enough knowledge on Las Vegas to hopefully help you decide where you want to live, what kind of activities you could see yourself and others doing, what kind of careers are offered and what kind of delicious restaurants there are. All this information overall should hopefully offer an easier moving transition for anyone looking to live in Las Vegas by introducing them to some of the things they should know before moving.


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