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When thinking of living in downtown Las Vegas you probably think of the casinos, clubs, tourists, late night attractions and attractions in general along with the overall nightlife. If these are the kinds of things that interest you and you like living close to downtown, Las Vegas is the place for you. 

Not only is it known for its renowned nightlife and tourist attractions, the downtown is also flourishing with career opportunities, gorgeous condominiums, and plenty of variations of entertainment for all to enjoy.

In the article below we will discuss everything you need to know when living in the downtown area.

1. Condos In Las Vegas


Condos in Las Vegas are extremely beautiful and luxuriously built. Depending which kind of condo you’re looking for, where it’s located and what building you reside in will all factor into the cost of your living. Condos on the Vegas strip tend to be more expensive because of their location and what amenities come with the condo itself. Some of the condos located on the strip include:

150 Las Vegas Boulevard

With different types of condos within this building the price range will vary based on size. A condo with a single bedroom and two bathrooms is 859 square feet. The amenities included with this are the view of the city and mountains, the heating electric, has a dishwasher, dryer, garbage disposer and other kitchen appliances. 

Another type of condos include ones with four bedrooms and three bathrooms with some of the same and some different features. It all depends on what kinds of things you need within your condo that will affect the price range.

Condo LIving

353 East Bonneville Avenue

This is another building with different variations of condos as well to choose from, one of their single bedroom, two bathroom is 1,233 square foot . 

These are just a couple of examples of the condos on the Vegas strip, there are still plenty more but the next ones being listed are condos with amenities in Vegas. Having amenities is a big bonus when moving into the downtown or Vegas strip area, having more of them can be helpful for the residents living there and people looking to move into a condo. Some of the best condos with amenities in Vegas on or near the strip include:

1. Sky Las Vegas: Offers a Private Theater, Pool and Fitness center

2. Panorama Towers: Offers fitness center, Spa facilities, Valet parking, Yoga studio, 24/7 Security, Theater room and more.

3. Veer Towers: Offers secure elevators for residents, Private mail rooms, Private drive and valet services, Both towers have two private entrances for residents and more.

4. One Queensridge: Offers custom cabinetry, Granite counters, Private Balconies and more.

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These are only some of the condos on the strip that include a good amount of amenities. Now for the locations of these since they are right on the main strip their prices do vary.

Now this is a large price range but again it all depends on which condominium you're going with, what amenities come with it, what features you have and how many bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage comes with it. 

All of those things together determine the price of what you will be paying for a condo with amenities in Vegas. There are some other condos on the strip that do cost up into the millions. One of the places that have those prices is Turnberry Place. Again this is all dependent on where you live, what your price range is and what exactly you're looking for out of your condo.

Condo Building

It has been established that living on the strip is one of the most expensive areas in Las Vegas with some spots costing a couple of million dollars. Looking more into the downtown condos for sale in Las Vegas can prove to be a cheaper option for some that still want to be close to the main strip but don't want to pay the cost of actually living on it.

Some of these spots to live in the downtown area include:

  • 11256 Rainbow Peak Avenue
  • 11257 Rainbow Peak Avenue
  • 908 Duckhorn Ct
  • 1328 Pinto Rock Ln

There are plenty of downtown condos for sale in Las Vegas, what's listed is just the surface of what is on the market. There are plenty of options out there with tons of different price ranges to be more affordable or more expensive and luxurious.

The general price range of the places listed off the strip are generally more affordable compared to living on the actual strip but either or are great places to live, it is merely based on what you're looking for in terms of living and housing and what your budget looks like.

Some other things to consider when moving to the downtown area or onto the strip is if you are moving with family, on your own or as a couple. It is important to think of your location for not only schools but also travel time to work, how far grocery stores are, etc. These are all things to include into your plan when picking the perfect condo.

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2. Las Vegas NightLife


The Las Vegas nightlife is full of energy and excitement for all to enjoy, whether you're a permanent resident or a tourist there's plenty for all to do and enjoy in Vegas. Plenty of attractions and events going on, you’ll never be bored while living in downtown Las Vegas, there are so many options and such a wide variety you're bound to find something you enjoy. Some of the things to do on the Vegas strip include:

These are some of the more fun attractions that are also for the most part family friendly. If you are someone looking for more adult centered attractions and events to go to below are some good options for you:

  • Seeing a show whether it be musical, dance, comedy or whichever there are always some kind of shows happening.
  • Go to a sporting event either for the NHL, NFL, WNBA and more
  • Take a night tour with Big Bus Night Tour
  • OMNIA Nightclub

Big Bus Tour Las Vegas, NV

There are plenty of things to do at night just as much as there are plenty of things to do in the day, from family friendly to more adult centered activities the downtown and Vegas strip has it all. It's a good idea if you're planning to go and visit attractions to get passes where you can to save money and to also pick up a map of where everything is to help you locate the attractions faster and find other spots and amenities easier rather than just wandering around.

Las Vegas is also a gorgeous hot spot for photographers and photogenic people too, if you're someone that loves the big city and want to photograph all the fun things you're doing then Vegas is the best photo opportunity around, with its beautiful neon lights and massive buildings it makes for the perfect picture for and resident to show off.

Another famous set of attractions located in the downtown area but also on the strip are the restaurants. Las Vegas has such a wide variety of restaurants to choose from that it is not only part of the nightlife but the everyday life of any resident that lives there.

 With different genres and cultures of food you won't ever get bored of the places around you. With spots dedicated specifically to desserts, coffee, fine dining, quick bites, and full on buffet style meals there are a crazy amount to choose from. Some of these awesome spots include:

Las Vegas is called the Nations Powerhouse of Culinary, it has such variety and so many luxurious spots it has gained renowned attention for its food. The places listed above are just a small amount of what Vegas has to offer in the line of food, there are thousands upon thousands of options out there that can definitely meet anyone's food restrictions, dietary needs or any food needs in general.

Lastly, living in downtown Las Vegas can be expensive especially with all the entertainment around, it is a good plan to budget yourself throughout living here, especially budgeting for the nights out in the downtown area to make sure you have enough money for the essentials but also the luxuries of where you live. 

This article should hopefully give more insight into where some of the condos are located and which ones fall better into your budget, anyone moving to the Vegas area should also have a good check list of the fun attractions to go to as well. 

Overall Vegas is gorgeous no matter where you live but the downtown area is such a beautiful city with astounding sights you won't see anywhere else. If you're looking for condos in the Las Vegas area then this article is definitely a good guideline of where to start.




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