Fog in Providence Las Vegas

Providence Homes in Fog

Ok, so it doesn't happen often. But I can remember a handful of times in recent past years that we've gotten some pretty thick fog here in Las Vegas, specifically Summerlin. Since Summerlin and the Northwest Las Vegas communities sit so high in elevation compared to the rest of the city and are nestled up against Red Rock Canyon, we get fog a bit more than the rest of the city. I've lived in Carlsbad, in Southern California so I grew up driving in the environment, but most Las Vegas residents are new to the idea. So here are some tips for driving safe in fog.


1) Slow down! It's difficult to see what's ahead of you, even a few feet especially on highways. People often unintentionally slow down or stop in a travel lane. Driving at normal posted speeds can be dangerous

2) The solid white line on the right side of the road is actually called the Fog Line. It's used to help drivers see the road and stay in their lane during foggy conditions.

3) Don't use your high beams. Use normal headlamps or fog or driving lamps if your vehicle is equipped. High beams actually reduce what visibility you have, always use lights so you yourself are seen.

4) If you need to stop, make sure you park completely off the road, most dense fog is temporary. The safest decision is to just wait it out.


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