7 Simple Must-Do Home Improvements for selling your Las Vegas House



Want buyers to love your house? 7 simple must-do home improvement tips.

Tips to sell your home at top dollar


Working with buyers and sellers for the last 13 years in Las Vegas has given me much insight into how to get your property to shine for home buyers. There are the do’s & don’ts of preparing your home to sell quickly. In this article I’m going to give you the 7 must-do home improvements to get buyers to love your Las Vegas house! Without making these changes you could be losing $1000’s!


#7. Washing/wiping your front door and windows. Walking up to a home with a dirty front door and porch leads the buyer to think that the seller may have some deferred maintenance issues. Whether deferred maintenance exists or not, the front door is the first feature the buyer sees – the critique begins. A clean front door and porch has a warm and inviting feel. It looks like you have cared for your house. Windows and window coverings should be clean and in tip top shape. Cost – pretty much nothing.


#6. Replacing Air Filters. Buyers look up and down when viewing a home. If it’s been longer than 3 months since changing your air filters, it’s time to change them out before listing your Las Vegas house for sale. When a buyer looks up and they see a dust filled air filter, their automatic thought is that your air conditioning unit may not be in the best condition. If there’s excessive dust, your air conditioning unit may have to work harder for air flow. Cost – about $50


#5. Pulling all weeds and dead plants. It might seem like a small improvement, but the impact is huge. Again, this is one of those projects that separate your house from the competition…it shows you take care of your house. Imagine you’re a buyer looking at several homes with yards that are a mess and then finding that one home that took the time to care for their yard. The results from this one minor improvement could make the difference of getting your house sold before your neighbors house. Cost - $0 - $150

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#4. Having a clean and tidy house at all times during your listing period. Once you have done an initial cleaning (better with a professional cleaner), it is a lot easier to keep clean on a daily basis. Picking up daily any out of place items like dirty clothes and dirty dishes and putting them back really does make a difference in how buyers perceive your house. Many buyers can’t see past the clutter and disorganization. They start looking for flaws and deferred maintenance when a home is a mess. Don’t forget to wipe down kitchen counters! Cost - $0 - $300 (professional cleaning services)


#3. Repaint your baseboards with a neutral white like Navajo White. This will make a strong impact for a nice clean look to your house. Many times I’ve shown buyers Las Vegas homes with beat up, scuffed up, miss-colored baseboards and it cheapens the look of the home. Buyers think that they have to repaint the entire home and that it will be more out of pocket expense for them. Sometimes just a freshly painted baseboard is all that is needed. Don’t give buyers another reason to lower their offer for your house or worse - choose your competition because they won’t have to paint. If you have rooms with bright colors, you may want to consider repainting the entire room. Cost – about $200 to $800.


#2. Have your floors professionally cleaned. In particular if you have tile floors, get them steam cleaned. Make sure that the grout is the cleanest it can be! Beautiful, clean, tile floors make a big impact for showing the high value of your house. In many cases, tile floors bring you higher offers than your competition. When a buyer sees gorgeous floors, it adds value in their minds. This is exactly what you want, don’t you? The same goes for professionally cleaned carpet. Nobody likes seeing a home with worn carpet. Even if your carpet isn’t “that bad”, it is still worth it to hire a carpet cleaner; a buyer may feel they don’t need to replace your carpet and this is more money for you! Cost - $300 - $500.

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#1. Without a doubt, the #1 tip: Making sure you have the right light bulbs! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been showing a buyer a home and there have been either no light bulbs or the energy saving light bulbs. Energy saving light bulbs might be a great cost effective alternative to standard light bulbs, however, they don’t showcase your house in the best light…literally. Honestly, energy saving light bulbs make your house seem dark and uninviting. Energy saving light bulbs also take forever, yes forever, to completely light up. If you do nothing else…make sure you replace your light bulbs with standard light bulbs. Cost $50 - $150


These tips will help you net more money from the sale of your house. We have plenty of more tips and every house is different. If you would like to know the vendors we use to accomplish these small home improvements, let us know! We will be happy to share our vendor list with you. We specialize in helping sellers get top dollar for their properties. Let us use our expertise in getting your house sold. Contact us today 702-592-6315